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the lady behind the camera

I'm Loraine

Mom of two beautiful, wild, loud, free-spirited, silly children. They keep me busy. They also keep me young and alive. They are my why in life.

I find happiness in bringing joy to others. I'd even say that is my purpose in life. Love making others smile, laugh, feel comforted and appreciated. That makes ME whole. 

Throughout my life, mainly my childhood, I was an explorer. Where could I find the next secret hiding spot? Where could I go to get lost? I was always barefoot. Always playing in dirt and mud. Always walking or riding my bike. My friends were my lifeline. This has carried into my adulthood. I'm loud, lively, usually laughing. I still look for the beauty in things. The bright side.

When I picked up my first camera, and took my first picture... it was game over. I finally found an outlet! A way for others to see things the way I do. This is why I'm so passionate about what I do. It's a moment, a memory, otherwise lost in the back of our minds; but I captured it. And now you get to keep that memory forever.

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